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Olivia Newton-John avoids fad diets

Olivia Newton-John has "never been one" to try fad diets.

The 63-year-old Grease star keeps her healthy glow by eating balanced meals. Olivia has always been conscious of what she eats but has become particularly wary after she was diagnosed with breast cancer 20 years ago.

"I've never been one for faddy diets. I have tried vegetarianism, and I've done the macrobiotic thing, but I believe now in just being balanced. If my body asks for meat, I give it meat," she told British newspaper The Daily Telegraph.

"I've always been aware of my health - when you are having to go on stage and perform, you need to be feeling good - but when I was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness I became really, really conscious of my health."

The singer believes "you are what you eat" and has a diet high in pulses like chickpeas and borlotti beans. She makes sure she drinks plenty of water and began eating organic food after the best friend of her 26-year-old daughter Chloe died at the age of five of kidney cancer - believed to be caused by environmental factors.

"There are countless pesticides out there that have never been tested on humans," she said.

Olivia aids her diet with vitamins from the Amazon Herb Company, owned by her husband John Easterling who she married in 2008.

Olivia adds she feels "the healthiest [she] ever has".


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