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Olivia Palermo: I'm over blonde hair

Olivia Palermo has no plans to dye her hair again.

The 28-year-old star sported honey-coloured tresses when she appeared in reality TV show The City, but it's not something she will be revisiting. She's happy with her natural shade and doesn't plan to change it again.

"Being blonde was just a phase. I had to keep it for some time, because we were filming and needed it for continuity. My mom's got blue eyes and the most beautiful blonde hair I've ever seen, but I'm a natural brunette and don't dye my hair," she told British magazine Marie Claire.

Olivia puts in the effort when it comes to her locks, as she likes them to look glossy and healthy. She is a fan of the Julien Farel salon in New York City and would advise anyone to stop in for one of the products it offers.

"The best hair product I've ever used is Julien Farel Vitamin Restore. You use it a few times a week instead of your shampoo and conditioner and it brings your hair's PH balance back to normal. Anyone who uses it will feel like they're in a hair commercial," she said.

Olivia is just as careful about the products she uses on her face. She has been known to offer advice to people who are tending to her on shoots, although she doesn't like to give away all her secrets. That said, there is one titbit she offers around as she believes it makes such a difference.

"I do tell all the make-up artists I work with about Japanese company Mii Cosmetics. I love its Mii Miraculous Colour Corrector. It's a super-small green concealer paste that you dot over a blemish to counteract the redness," she said.

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