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Olivia Palermo recycles style

Olivia Palermo is a fan of recycling her favourite designs.

The stunning star says she doesn't believe in only buying clothes and wearing it for that particular season. Instead, Olivia likes to be creative with her wardrobe and mix and match old items with new.

"Style is about taking individual pieces and reworking them," she explained to In Touch magazine.

Olivia believes that you can take something as ordinary as a pair of favourite jeans and wear them in lots of different ways. The stunning reality star added that putting together an ensemble that can take you from dawn to dusk is a must.

"Something great for day can always be dressed up for evening!" she said.

Olivia's preferred denim designs are the MiH Jeans' Marrakesh style.

The 26-year-old beauty recently revealed she prefers "real" street style to red carpet outfits.

The fashion blogger admitted she wouldn't be covering the Academy Awards on her sartorial website ahead of the prestigious film event last month because she doesn't look to celebrities for inspiration.

"I don't think our website will cover them [the Oscars], because for me it's more about the real girl, someone who's in fashion, not necessarily someone who's a celebrity. I kind of like to have everyone's own personal style take on it and girls from all around the world, because I think those are the cooler girls," she revealed.

"But I'm sure you'll see some great stuff. I'm sure you'll see a few pieces that are on the runways now, but they'll most likely be pieces that the design houses have created specifically for the occasion."


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