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Olivia Palermo strict about manicures

Reality star-turned-designer Olivia Palermo is wary of having gel nails when she's travelling in case she gets bad chips.

Style star Olivia Palermo is religious about getting her manicure updated at least every five days.

The former reality TV personality has a beauty line with nail brand Ciate, and working with the company was a natural fit as she is so fastidious about her hands. The 29-year-old wouldn't dream of going to an event without a coating of colour on her fingers - and she's just as careful about her toes.

"When I'm holidaying in the sun, I always wear SPF and a hat," she told Britain's InStyle magazine. "As a general rule I'm religious about manicures and that doesn't change when I'm travelling. I always have my nails done in a nail bar every four to five days - I'm very strict - and I maintain my pedicure, too, even during winter when nobody can see my toes. It makes me feel ready for the day, and I always match my fingers to my toes."

One problem with Olivia is that she travels a lot, which means she can't always visit the same manicurist. Luckily she's in many of the same places a lot, so she's developed relationships with nail experts all over the world. She's also come up with rules about the types of coatings she goes for.

"My policy on gels is based on location," she said. "I like them, but you have to be careful about having them when you're travelling. Not every nail salon in Europe has them so you can't always get them taken off and can end up with bad chips. I've got to know a handful of amazing salons in France and Italy that I always try to visit during fashion weeks."

As well as her beauty line Olivia also has a website dedicated to products, so she's often testing new things. That's a fun part of her job, but means her home could get overrun if she wasn't careful.

"My bathroom is very tidy," she assured. "I always say, if your throngs are in chaos, then your life will feel chaotic. I can't live like that. Plus, I'm away so much, my beauty bits are always packed up, so I don't often have everything laid out in my bathroom."

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