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Olivia Wilde: Blow drying is bad

Olivia Wilde avoids blow drying her hair, as it helps maintain its healthy shine.

The stunning actress prefers to jazz up her locks and purify her pores in ways that don't take up too much time. Keeping maintenance at a minimum in the mornings and evenings keeps Olivia feeling vigorous.

"Washing and moisturising my face with drugstore brands like Cetaphil and CeraVe," Olivia told People magazine. "I like Kiehl's shampoo and Kérastase Oléo-Relax. I don't blow dry my hair, that's why it's healthy."

Olivia has a gorgeous body and is really committed to staying fit. She attributes her robustness largely to her vegetarian diet.

"Not eating meat [really keeps me trim]," Olivia explained. "It's a lifestyle choice, but meat, and what's usually served with it, is a big calorie packer."

Maintaining a nutritious diet helps keep Olivia in good spirits, but she also needs physical activity to achieve the balance she desires.

"Do some yoga. I never feel more beautiful than after I've really spent some time breathing," Olivia shared.

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