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Olivia Wilde: Eyebrows can be evil

Olivia Wilde "softens" her eyebrows to avoid looking like an "evil Disney queen".

The stunning actress is sporting a brighter blonde hair colour of late, and has consequently opted for matching lighter brows.

Olivia is very particular about the way her eyebrows look and makes sure they aren't overly arched.

"I am really enjoying being a blonde," she told New York Times' T Magazine.

"My natural brows are quite pointy. I soften them so I look less like some evil Disney queen!

"I've been letting them grow in for years. I try to fill them in wherever nature has abandoned me. I just fill in under the arch and soften them up a bit."

Olivia has a failsafe beauty regime. The 28-year-old star refuses to spend too much time preening herself, so relies on a low-maintenance method.

"I usually wash [my face] twice. First, to remove all the make-up, and then again to really give my face a good scrub," she explained. "I like to get it clean at the end of a workday using a good hot towel."

Olivia has an enviably glowing complexion. She often goes without make-up when she's not in front of the camera "in order to give [her] skin a rest".

Olivia currently serves as a spokeswoman for beauty giant Revlon, alongside fellow actress Emma Stone.


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