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Olivia Wilde: I dressed like a boy

Olivia Wilde used to take her fashion inspiration from male role models.

The actress stars on the cover of the latest edition of US InStyle magazine, where she poses in a ladylike Chanel jacket and belt.

Olivia discussed how her style has evolved from androgynous to the chic red-carpet superstar she is today.

“I used to dress like [bluesman] John Lee Hooker, with wide-collared polyester shirts and corduroy suits. Boys were my role models back then," she shared. "I have the torso of a tall woman and the lower body of a short woman. Who knows what evolutionary purpose I’ve been made for? People always told me I had nice eyes, so I accentuated that.”

The 29-year-old brunette is confident about her appearance. The humorous star joked she isn't the sort of celebrity who obsesses over image. Olivia prefers to accept both her faults and best features.

“I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin,” she confessed. “I’m not the neurotic type. I don’t think there are things lurking everywhere to destroy me. I live pretty much in the present.”

Olivia recently became engaged the comedy actor Jason Sudeikis. The couple, who have been dating since November 2011, are known for being one of the most stylish duos around. In a special feature for the publication, Jason is interviewed alongside Olivia as the month's 'Man of Style'.

“She is a combination of everything that I love about women—she’s smart, strong, caring, beautiful, and as funny as anybody I’ve ever know,” Jason gushed about Olivia. “She just has it all. It’s like the most gorgeous Costco you’ve ever seen in your life.”

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