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Olivia Wilde irritated by perfectly preened partner

Tron actress Olivia Wilde says she once had a “grey eyelash”, but otherwise isn’t ageing too badly.

Actress Olivia Wilde claims her fiancé Jason Sudeikis’ most annoying habit is folding his clothes “too perfectly”.

The 31-year-old star appeared on Andy Cohen’s TV show Watch What Happens Live on Thursday (16Oct15), where she faced a series of tricky questions posed by her future husband. Olivia was clearly put on the spot when Jason asked her to reveal what she likes least about him, before finally confessing his precise wardrobe attitude can be grating.

“Nothing, nothing annoys me,” the brunette insisted until she was pushed to give an answer. “OK, he folds his clothes too perfectly. It makes my clothes look really, really bad.”

Olivia certainly didn’t look scruffy for her TV appearance, wearing a flattering grey T-shirt, midi-length black skirt and beaded stiletto ankle boots by Jerome C. Rousseau. Explaining the shoes boasted thousands of delicate beads, TV host Andy joked he expected them to cost “thousands of tiny dollars”.

Jason was allowed to ask her three questions, with Olivia only able to ‘plead the fifth’ and refuse to answer one of them. After declining to reveal where the ‘wildest’ place she ever had sex was, the actress was forced to confirm if she’d ever had any lesbian experiences.

“Well… I appreciate all people,” Olivia finally replied, with host Andy jokingly taking the answer as an “absolute” confirmation of her bisexuality.

During the raucous interview, Olivia tried to confess to battling a cellulite problem. However, Andy refused to accept the stunning actress’ claims. “I don't believe it,” he jeered.

The Tron star was also asked whether she has any grey hairs yet. While Olivia’s glossy mane still radiates with a youthful hue, she admits other parts aren’t standing the test of time so well. “I had a grey eyelash,” she offered in response.

When quizzed on her bad habits, Olivia admitted she sometimes eat a whole tub of ice-cream by herself.

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