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Olivia Wilde: My weight fluctuates

Olivia Wilde loves herself a little more when she sees how much her son resembles her.

The 30-year-old actress may have only given birth to her son Otis in April but she's now looking better than ever, rocking a trim post-baby figure. It wasn't an easy achievement for her though and she went through a stage of struggling with her appearance.

"I have fluctuated so much in my life! From when I was a teenager and went to boarding school and gained 20lbs, to being in my early 20s and somehow losing those 20lbs and being at my thinnest without even trying and thinking, well, this is crazy," she recalled to

"I realise now that’s just your early 20s. Man, I have been called too chubby, too skinny. I really have felt horrible at times, and I’ve felt really unattractive at times. And yet, as I’ve gotten older, I realise that it’s within my control to look in the mirror when I don’t fit into my jeans, have a healthier perspective and say, 'OK, I’m just going to take it easy on the pasta for a couple weeks.' I do have to keep it in mind; I gain weight pretty quickly."

Luckily becoming a mom gave Olivia the confidence boost she needed and she now feels a lot more "beautiful". Her new role has changed her attitude towards beauty too and has given her a more relaxed approach to her looks.

"There seems to be an enormous sense of self-love - I can’t believe I created something so perfect and beautiful. And I look at him and he has the best parts of me and is better than I’ll ever be, and yet I give myself credit for creating him, so I love myself a little more and I think that shows," she smiled. "I’m a little more relaxed about how I look; I just don’t think the priorities remain the same. I really care less about what people think."

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