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Olivia Wilde: 'Vintage is the most sustainable way to shop'

Olivia Wilde's Conscious Commerce has collaborated with high street retailer H&M for a second time.

Actress Olivia Wilde wears as much vintage clothing as possible because she's convinced it's the most sustainable way to shop.

The Vinyl star is a co-founder of creative agency Conscious Commerce, which aims to encourage sustainability among consumers, and Olivia does her best to be a poster girl for the campaign.

"I like to buy from brands that invest in sustainability and I like to wear a lot of vintage," she told Fashionista. "It's obviously the most sustainable way we can shop. It’s difficult to wear head-to-toe vintage, but I like to incorporate vintage pieces into my wardrobe, whether it's T-shirts or dresses or jackets or a lot of accessories."

However, her love of vintage doesn't mean the 32-year-old is opposed to shopping in high street stores - Conscious Commerce has partnered with retail giant H&M for the second year in a row for its H&M Conscious Exclusive Collection.

"We've partnered with them to just celebrate this initiative that they've taken, and I'm such a fan of all the effort they're putting toward this more sustainable fashion future," Olivia explained. "They really are redefining what it means to be fashion forward."

The range launches on 7 April (16) and was created from recycled and sustainable materials.

Olivia admits a 100 per cent sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle is difficult to maintain, and denim and leather are two of her biggest weaknesses.

"Those are two industries that are incredibly wasteful - denim wastes a lot of water, but now there's the opportunity to buy recycled denim that H&M is working with, or buy organic cotton that's less wasteful and uses less pesticides, which obviously have an enormous environmental impact," she added.

"None of us are perfect. I try to just incorporate as many pieces as I can into my existing wardrobe. I love my leather bomber jacket. I wear it almost every day, but I'll wear it with a vintage shirt or an H&M Conscious Exclusive dress and know that incrementally I'm making a difference just by slowly investing in pieces that are less damaging overall."

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