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Olsen twins: Trousers are sexy

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen say the sexiest outfit they would ever wear is a trouser suit.

The twins prefer comfit over glamour despite running a successful range of fashion lines including Elizabeth and James and The Row.

The 25-year-olds refuse to show much skin in order to promote their brands.

"I feel like I'm constantly in a uniform. Black," Mary Kate told the UK edition of April's Elle magazine.

Ashley added, "I think we're quite modest. We never really like to look overtly sexy or show off any skin I think the sexiest look that we would ever do is a trouser suit."

In fact they have no problem dressing down in public with Ashley admitting she occasionally wears sweatpants on planes.

However, the pair insist they always "wear what's appropriate depending on the occasion".

"I think as soon as you start dressing for someone else, it goes wrong," Mary-Kate said. "I can't leave the house if I don't like what I'm wearing. I mean, I literally can't."

While the two look alike, have similar fashion taste and share clothes, the girls insist they are very different. They describe themselves as "mirror twins" - one left-handed and the other right, one left brain and the other right.

"We're attracted to different things, but we always arrive at the same place," Ashley said before Mary-Kate chimed in saying, "We balance each other out."

The girls rarely spend time apart - aside from when they sleep in their separate homes in Manhattan, just a block apart. "Nothing would ever split us up creatively," Mary-Kate said.

The pair are currently focusing on their fashion empire with plans to open their own retail store.

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