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Olsens' sensual scent

Mary-Kate and Ashley are set to launch their sensual new fragrance.

The twins, who are already at the helm of a fashion empire, decided to move into the world of fragrance two years ago and are now ready to launch Nirvana.

Taking their time to perfect the scent, the 27-year-old's worked alongside fragrance veteran Robin Burns, co-founder of brand developer Batallure, and Michael McGeever, senior vice president of Sephora.

"We wanted the bottles to feel sensual. We wanted to play with all senses. There was a texture on an antique that we really loved - a completely different shape, but the way it felt when you would hold it in your hand.

"Whether it was scent, touch, size, the weight - we wanted it to be curved so when you held it in your hand it didn't feel strict and harsh," Mary-Kate told WWD.

The sisters wanted to keep the actual fragrance as pure as they could.

It's not just the twins that come as a pair, as Ashley had the clever idea to put out two fragrances, a black and a white version, which she says layer together "very nicely".

And when it comes to the ingredients, the women admit they have expensive taste.

"Ashley and I are really into oils, and those were the notes we were really attracted to. It was fascinating to see how many different variations of ingredients there were.

"That was one of the things I found most interesting, the quality issues of these ingredients, and also balancing all of the notes so that they would sit well together in the juice," Mary-Kate recalled.

Nirvana eau de parfum will both be available in three sizes with prices starting at $22.

Those that purchase the scent will get a real piece of the Olsens. Ashley even brought along her shampoo, conditioner, face lotion, oils and deodorant to the first mixing session.

"People would always say I smell good, but it was really a combination of those things rather than a specific fragrance," laughed Ashley.

The perfumes launch at Sephora stores across North America from January, with plans for an international roll out later on.

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