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One Direction: Our fragrance is chilled

One Direction made sure they didn't produce a "strong" scent.

The boys unveiled their scent, Our Moment, at the top of London's iconic Gherkin building yesterday.

While it's hard to miss teen heartthrobs Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan, their perfume isn't overpowering.

“It’s not too strong and it’s quite sweet and subtle, rather than it being a bit more in your face,” Liam assured WWD. “Too strong is not what any of us are into.”

The band have always shown a united front and are best friends off the stage too.

Their strong bond came in handy when collaborating on their scent.

“We kind of just agreed on it,” Louis smiled. “We’re all, like, into the same sort of thing. It was actually easy in that respect. The people we were working with were a great help. They were, like, making really good stuff, and we were, like, ‘That’s great!’ They gave us what we wanted.”

The packaging is pink and silver and the bottle is shaped like a jewel, which will appeal to the boys' massive teenage following.

Fans of the band are known for their enthusiasm and Liam joked he hoped there are no repercussions when it comes to their latest product.

“I hope it’s not one of those things they throw on stage, because those are going to hurt," he mused. “Someone threw a box at me once and it hit me [on the arm], and I was thinking, ‘What if that just hit me in the face?’”

The One Direction guys have recently signed a publishing deal which sees them cashing in as individuals, rather than as a band.

It sets them up as solo artists in the future and could even see them writing songs for other musicians.

To add to their growing fortune, the boys are also looking to the fashion design industry.

"That would be cool! That would be quite sick!” Louis grinned.

“Something quite small. Or T-shirts; something quite discreet, though. Or jeans, a skinny fit in black, they’d sell.”

"That’s all you wear,” quipped Payne.

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