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One D's beauty tips: Less is more

One Direction's hairstylist Lou Teasdale has opened up about how she creates the boys' looks.

Lou Teasdale tends to the locks of the boy band, made up of Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. Sharing one piece of beauty advice she has passed on to them, the hair expert also revealed her approach to creating their looks.

"I don't like them to groom themselves too much. They're fit as they are. A lot of people in my position do the opposite - they'll try and get into a strict skincare routine or might pluck their brows. But when I get an act, I try to get them back to normal - less is more," Lou explained to British magazine Look.

Heartthrob Harry is known for his curly brown locks, which he often styles with a bandana. Lou gave an insight into how she gets his barnet in shape, and how others can copy the finish.

"Recently I've been using a diffuser. I think everyone put them away in the '80s but it's time to get them back out, because they're so good! They give a bouncy, fluffy texture," she smiled. "If you want to create the same look, style your hair with tongs or a wand, then mist water on it and dry with a diffuser. It instantly loosens the style and leaves hair looking more natural."

When asked how she would react if Harry was to consider shaving his head, Lou was quick to share her opinion.

"He won't, I know he'd never do that!" she laughed.

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