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Oprah: I could be Rihanna’s mom

Oprah Winfrey was so exhausted after shooting her four magazine covers, she had to be "propped up".

The 60-year-old star not only boasts a successful TV career but also has her own publication, O, The Oprah Magazine. For the October issue, Oprah went all-out and created four different front pages, each boasting a dramatic look.

One sees her smiling into the camera with silver jewellery on her fingers, a silver piece across her forehead and dark-brown smoky eyes. When told she looked like the Bajan singer by an reporter, Oprah was quick to change the description.

"I look like Rihanna's momma. Her momma, that's who I look like," she quipped.

Oprah has also released behind-the-scenes footage from the day they created the covers and she worked closely with cosmetics expert Derrick Rutledge. On another cover, the actress-and-businesswoman is seen looking slightly tired, as she rocks bright purple eyeshadow with a red, hooded top.

"Guys, we've been working on my face since 12 o'clock... no, wait, nine o'clock this morning. Nine, now 9pm. Derrick has had it, he's really had it," she tells the camera.

Despite it being a long process, Oprah is thrilled with the finished pieces. Another photo sees her with a fringe and bright red lipstick, while the final boasts defined eyes with black eyeliner and a soft peachy lip.

"[Derrick] earned his keep that day, ‘cause we did four different covers. It took 12 hours to do them all and make-up on, make-up off... You had to prop me up by the end of it," Oprah laughed.

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