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Ora: Ladies love lingerie!

Rita Ora thinks every woman should pick lingerie that helps her feel desirable.

The singer is known for dressing provocatively and isn't afraid to flash a little flesh on the red carpet. It stands to reason that she also takes pride in what she wears in the bedroom, although she thinks guys are far less worried than many women think.

"Sexy underwear definitely helps women feel attractive - I speak from experience!" she told German magazine Jolie. "Lingerie is far more important for us women than it is for men. We always think guys want us to wear really sexy pieces, but all they care about is taking them off! But we want to feel desirable and that's what we should base our underwear choices on."

When it comes to lingerie, the 24-year-old likes to keep things sporty, opting for bright colours in summer and nudes when she's wearing white. The Brit loves shopping in London and knows exactly what she's looking for when finding new underwear.

"My bra size is 34D or DD, so it's pretty hard for me to find nice underwear that fits really well," she sighed. "I imagine that women with even bigger boobs have even more trouble... I always make sure the straps aren't too wide; I really don't like that look."

Rita added that besides London, she enjoys shopping in Milan and Paris.

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