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Oscar de la Renta explains scent success

Oscar de la Renta tried to make the girls who are selling his new perfume "fall in love" with it.

The fashion designer's latest scent is called Live in Love. He launched it this week at New York department store Lord & Taylor, and beforehand he explained his philosophy for making it successful.

"The people that are going to sell the fragrance are the girls behind the counter, if you can make an impression on them - if you can make them fall in love with what you are doing - then you are going to have success because they have far much more influence on the consumer than anybody else," he told WWD.

Oscar made a public appearance at Lord & Taylor, the first time he's done so for many years. He admitted being worried no one would turn up, although it's been estimated $25,000 worth of sales were made in the end.

"I hope the rain won't stop people from coming," he worried. "They say rain brings good luck so I hope [it does] in this case."

As fans started to trickle in Oscar posed with them and also signed autographs.

The designer's chief creative officer was also on hand to discuss the new perfume. Alexander Bolen explained the brand had decided to work on something they felt their customers would like, rather than trying to create a scent to lure in new people.

"We have a fiercely loyal Oscar customer. That group hasn't expanded much. She's perhaps matured and we want to talk to that same group but in a new way - in the context of life, in the context of energy," he said.

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