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Over-contouring made Olivia Munn 'look like a cat'

The actress prefers a more natural approach to make-up for the red carpet instead of the heavily-contoured look many young stars like.

Olivia Munn has learned to beware of over-contouring with make-up after her eyes started resembling those of a cat at a recent movie event.

The Ride Along 2 star recalls looking back at photos of herself from the unveiling of the comedy film's Walk of Fame star in Miami, Florida earlier this year (16), and noticing something was seriously off.

"After the event, I saw the pictures and I was like, 'Why do I look like that?'" she told People magazine. "I know I was looking into the light and squinting, but still, even my sister told me I looked so different in the pictures, and I was like, 'You're right!'"

Olivia, whose mother is Vietnamese-American, managed to pin-point the issue, and addressed it with her make-up artist and close pal, Patrick Ta.

"I asked (him) why I look like a cat where my eyes are going up so much," she remembered. "It's so funny because he said he mixed the concealer to go up at an angle. I told him I didn't want that. He works with so many other actors, and they always want their faces to be lifted up and to have angling, highlighting, shading so their eyes and cheekbones go up. I'm Asian, so I already have those eyes and cheekbones, so he basically doubled up on that. So I was like, 'Can you not (do that)?'"

Luckily, the pair is so close Patrick understood exactly what she meant, and he has since made an extra effort not to use too many contouring tricks on Olivia without her approval.

"He's been really good about figuring things out together, but he's had to learn with me that some things that other people love and really want to look like are just not my thing," she said. "He's been really cool about backing off with that."

The make-up mishap has prompted the 35-year-old to pay a little more attention to her look when she's being prepared for the red carpet, but she trusts Patrick to let her know when he's trying something new in future.

She added, "I've seen how much make-up can affect me in a negative way and how it can destroy my face, where I don't look like myself. But he knows how to make me feel my best."

Patrick's other celebrity clients include actress Shay Mitchell and members of the Kardashian family.

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