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Palermo: I don’t do sweats

Olivia Palermo thinks a natural look is the most beautiful.

The 28-year-old star is a regular at fashion shows and always looks chic in her on-trend outfits. Her fashion rules even apply when she isn't in the limelight and she'd never venture to the shops in slouchy clothes.

"You won't see me getting milk in sweat pants in one of those paparazzi shots. I like getting up and getting dressed," she insisted to British magazine Marie Claire. "I do have off days from make-up entirely, whether it's on vacation or just staying at home, because my skin needs to breathe."

Olivia often sports smoky eyes, which work well against her warm brown locks. She keeps things natural with her lips though so she doesn’t distract from from her peepers.

"I always stick to nude lips. I usually wear Christian Dior. A fresh, clean, natural look is the most beautiful," she shared. "I apply my own make-up and I always use the same colour tones. I don't really stray much in the evening. I may just use heavier eye make-up and add a few lashes."

She's a pro at applying fake eyelashes and even revealed her application tips.

"I've taught all my girlfriends how to apply them," she smiled. "You need Tweezerman Tweezers, MAC Duo Adhesive - it's the only glue I'd recommend - and, if you're using strips, some small scissors to cut them to match your eyes. False lashes are great - I'm all for them. If it makes you feel better about yourself, why not?'

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