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Palermo: I'm super organised

Olivia Palermo learned a lot about style from her mother.

The former star of The City is known for her style, which has helped her make inroads into the fashion world, launching a jewellery collection in 2010.

The 28-year-old is grateful for the way her parents brought her up, focusing on everything down to the smaller details.

"I’m very organised. My closet is never messy," she revealed to

"Thank God for my parents; they gave me structure at a very early age and that has served me well in all aspects of my life."

Despite always looking immaculately dressed, Olivia doesn't over-think her outfits. She is a firm believer of buying key items and mixing and matching them to create different looks.

"I wouldn’t say I put that much thought into a look before getting dressed, I spin things out of whatever I have on my rack on the day. For me, it’s all about re-styling what you have," she continued.

"My wardrobe is built around great staples – trousers, jeans shirts and sweaters, then for anything more ‘trendy’ I tend to grab from the high street on the go."

Olivia, who recently got married to German model Johannes Huebl, clearly knows what works for her when it comes to style. And she says because of her mother, she managed to avoid that awkward fashion stage as she was growing up.

"My mother always taught me that you don’t leave the house until you’re fully dressed – make-up and everything. That’s how you start your day, it’s like you get up and make your bed, first thing," she explained.

"Even when I was young I enjoyed fashion – I didn’t have a grunge phase or anything like that."

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