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Palermo's greasy beauty tips

Olivia Palermo can't understand why some people go to bed without washing their face.

The 28-year-old star rose to fame on reality show The City but is now involved in the fashion and beauty worlds. It means she has to look her best all the time, which is why she can't imagine collapsing into bed without washing her face.

"There's no good excuse for sleeping in make-up - ever. It's just good hygiene. It takes ten minutes to remove, and everyone has ten minutes. I'm not even high maintenance with it - I just smooth Vaseline over my face and remove it with a cotton pad. It's really effective," she told British magazine Marie Claire.

Olivia is careful about her skin in other ways too. While she has facials, she won't allow beauty therapists to do anything they want to her skin. She also doesn't understand some women's fascination with facial scrubs.

"I only ever go for results-driven facials. I don't have indulgent ones, because they just seem to clog up my pores," she said. "And I've never used a face scrub. I'll only have one if I get a medical facial and the professional uses it on me. "

It's this attitude which keeps Olivia's skin looking fresh and glowing, so she never lets up on it. Even when she's been primped and primed for a photoshoot, she likes to use things she knows will be good for her skin.

"When you're on different shoots all the time, your skin can be destroyed. Before any shoot, I put on my own face products, then the make-up artist will apply the foundation and colour," she explained. "As a model, you need to stick to your own products, because it's important for your skin not to get congested. I'm fortunate to work with amazing make-up artists, but I'm still specific about what they put on my face, so my skin doesn't take a beating."

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