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Paloma Faith sleeps with her makeup on

Singer Paloma Faith swears by drinking green juices and finds them great for giving her radiant skin.

Paloma Faith has a "slapdash" beauty routine and often sleeps with her makeup on.

The Picking up the Pieces singer feels that because she has been blessed with good skin she doesn't need to spend too much time thinking about skincare and uses a simple bar of soap when she does decide to cleanse.

"I often sleep with my makeup on and I never really wash my face with water," she told Britain's Marie Claire magazine. "If I do, I'll use Dove Beauty Cream Bar. Otherwise, I'm pretty slapdash with my regime; I think it's (good skin) down to genetics."

However, the 34-year-old reveals that if she does happen to get a blemish, she has a novel way of covering it by drawing over it with eyebrow pencil to turn it into a beauty spot.

The London-born songstress also swears by drinking green juices regularly to keep her complexion glowing.

"Green juices are great for your skin. I juice courgette, cucumber, parsley, celery and kale. They're all detoxy, watery ingredients. Sometimes I add an avocado because the oil is so healthy."

Paloma, who is currently acting as a judge on the U.K. version of talent show The Voice, adds that she is "really good" at doing her own makeup and can do her eyeliner in a single flick and loves to experiment with a bold lipstick, her favourites being Nars Dragon Girls and MAC Lady Danger.

However, Paloma admits that when it comes to styling her hair, her skills are far more limited, though when she does try she is inspired by a certain British A-list actress.

"My hair skills are limited to a few styles. I call one the 'Kate Winslet' - I use Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray and then put my hair into a centre parting, pin bits back and leave the rest tousled," she said.

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