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Pamela Anderson: 'Rick Salomon relationship aged me 20 years'

Pamela Anderson's misery in her personal life wrecked her looks.

Pamela Anderson felt herself age "20 years" during her tumultuous relationship with ex-husband Rick Salomon.

The former Baywatch star, 48, wed the film producer and professional poker player in 2007, but the union was annulled two months later.

They rekindled their romance in 2013 and Pamela confirmed in January, 2014 that she and Rick had re-wed, but the marriage was doomed again, and she filed for divorce that July (14).

Their split quickly turned messy and the actress ended up obtaining a temporary restraining order against her ex last year (15), claiming she feared for her safety after going public with nasty texts and emails allegedly sent by Rick to her friends.

The correspondence featured explosive claims about Pamela - in one message, he accused his then-estranged wife of being a "serial baby killer", an allegation the busty blonde's representative dismissed as "ridiculous".

The warring exes eventually reached a divorce settlement in April, 2015, and now, reflecting on the tough time, Pamela insists her troubles at home wreaked havoc on her looks.

"I look back at pictures of myself when I was in this awful relationship, and I looked 20 years older," the mother-of-two told W magazine. "I know it sounds like a cliche, but happiness has a lot to do with beauty."

"Calm, peacefulness and no constant stress are very, very important to feeling beautiful and confidence," she continued. "And that comes across whether you're wearing make-up or not. I remember looking in the mirror... and saying, 'Who is this person? How did I let myself get to this place?'"

Pamela's new project is short film Connected, about a woman grappling with ageing, and the topic is something the actress has plenty of experience with.

"Ageing is something we all deal with," she said. "At a certain age, you can find yourself at a loss. Your children are grown. You may have gone through a divorce. You're trying to find meaning... You're dealing with so much loss at this age. It seems like everything is behind us, so what's next? We took a lot of things for granted - youth, beauty. But now what?"

Pamela was also previously married to rockers Kid Rock and Tommy Lee, the father of her two sons Brandon, 19, and Dylan, 18.

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