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Pamela Anderson: ‘The Girl Next Door has been lost’

Pamela Anderson fears selfies and retouching have negatively affected people’s perception of beauty.

Pamela Anderson “embodied” the Playboy lifestyle, so found it “bittersweet” when the magazine stopped publishing nude images.

The adult publication announced it would no longer be printing such risqué shots in 2015, with Pamela called on to feature on the cover of the final nude January/February 2016 edition. It was far from the first time she’d stripped off the publication, but it held a special meaning for her.

“It was an honour. I did my first 26 years ago and I’ve been on over 100 Playboy covers worldwide,” she told Britain’s Hello! magazine. “I feel part of the Playboy DNA. It was a lifestyle I embodied; I felt so welcome, and still do. It’s bittersweet to see it go but I see that maybe, in this internet world, we have lost the idea of the ‘girl next door’. Everyone wants to be famous. Selfies have destroyed any mystery and retouching apps have added to the desensitisation of what is beautiful.”

The 48-year-old star’s toned body belied her age in the shots, but that’s because her lifestyle is generally healthy. Although she occasionally over indulges, Pamela is a fan of healthy food so it doesn’t have much of an impact on her.

“I eat too much when I travel but the good thing is I am vegan,” she said. “That helps. I don’t have a sweet tooth – I am insatiable in other ways. I fill my life with pleasure; I’m fulfilled. I do what I love every day – being a mum to teenage boys and my life as an activist. Beauty comes from within. My mum always says the best things: ‘Your spirit doesn’t age... Just stay happy... Bitterness is not attractive.’”

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