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Pamela Anderson: UGGs launched my vegan revolution

Pamela Anderson is preparing to unveil a number of fashion accessories designed in honour of veganism and animal welfare.

(Cover) - EN Star Style - Pamela Anderson has revealed she designed her new line of boots “to create an alternative” to UGGs.

UGG boots, which became really popular for a brief period in the early 2000s, are made out of sheepskin.

Pamela’s own footwear line Pammies offers a similar looking product, but her shoes are made with animal welfare in mind.

“I’m excited about my boots coming out, which you know has been this labour of love for me because I made those darn UGG boots popular,” she told People magazine. “I didn’t know that [animals] were being hurt. [UGG] used me a lot for promoting, but I helped them create their brand … I thought that [the animals] were being shaved and kept well. That was the beginning of my animal activism career, and since then I’ve been trying to create an alternative.”

Pamela has been involved in animal activism for quite some time and she is a staunch supporter of the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) organisation. The Canadian-American actress has also been a vegan for 20 years.

Even though Pammies were borne with ethical sustainability in mind, the Baywatch star ensures the boots will appeal to all types of lighthearted fashionistas.

“These are [shoes] you can wear at the beach, [shoes] you wear around Malibu and the sky’s the limit,” she noted. “I’m really excited about the project that I’m involved in because [it] is something that I’ve always wanted to do — and it’s actually happening.”

The Pammies collection offers three styles including the Cove Classic, the Zuma and the Malibu. Fans can choose to purchase the shoes in either brown, white or light gray.

In addition to Pammies, Pamela worked with French designer Amélie Pichard on a beach bag and seven shoe styles. These creations were made from breathable and non-toxic plastic, rubbers, acrylics and cottons.

The high-fashion accessories were inspired by the beauty of Malibu and St. Tropez.

“Vegans can be sexy — super fun, super stylish and conscious,” Anderson told WWD of the inspiration behind her accessory line with Amélie. “Because young people want to make better choices when it comes to consuming, when it comes to fashion. We need more sustainable choices when it comes to handbags and shoes.”

Pamela’s Pammies boots will be available for sale at starting October (15). Her and Amélie’s accessories, which retail for $490 to $950 per piece, will officially debut in Los Angeles at Opening Ceremony on 10 December (15).

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