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Pamela Love: I kissed fiance when I won prize

Pamela Love "kissed her fiancé" when she found out she was a runner up for a top fashion award.

The jewellery designer won $100,000 from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA)/ Vogue Fashion Fund.

The award provides financial support and business mentorship for emerging talent in the industry.

She was delighted to win the prize and invested the money back in to her growing business.

"[When I found out I] kissed my fiancé and I gave two of my employees raises, bought a couple new computers for the office and signed a lease on a new studio space," she told, "So it was great."

The designer has recently collaborated with Shopstyle.

Pamela has recreated some of her most famous designs at more affordable prices.

"For me it was a really great opportunity to reach a wider audience," she revealed. "We tried to keep it at a lower price point, so it was an opportunity to come out with some pieces that would be more accessible.

"It was an opportunity for me to take some of my classic pieces and tweak them a little and make them a little more fun. We took the classic tribal spike cuff, which we usually do in bone or matte resin and we did it in a bright tomato red. It was about being young and fun and affordable, and for me that was a wonderful opportunity."

The designer explained that many of her pieces are inspired by her travels.

Pamela loves to explore exotic worlds and they often stimulate her work.

"Looking at jewellery from all over the world and throughout history, or just classic adornment form around the world," she said. "Taking that and putting a modern twist on that. I definitely think travel is a huge influence for me. One season it was about Mexico, and one season it was about Native American adornment, and last season it was about Morocco. Sometimes it's about the architecture or the tile work. It's different every season, but always travel."

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