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Paris Hilton follows juice diet

Paris Hilton sometimes ditches solid food completely if she knows she's going to be in a bikini.

Paris Hilton only drinks juice for three days before she wears a bikini.

The hotel heiress is renowned for her rail-thin frame, but it doesn't come easily to the star. She is very careful about what she eats, and in the warmer months she sometimes skips solids all together.

"I love smoothies and juices," she told Britain's Marie Claire magazine. "In the summer, I'll do a juice diet and drink only juice for three days - it's usually if I have something big coming up where I'm going to be wearing a bikini."

Beauty is another of the star's favourite things, particularly perfume. She has her own range of scents which she is always adding too, with the 34-year-old admitting her taste in fragrance has changed a great deal over the years.

"My fans tag me in their Instagram pictures of my fragrances," she laughed. "I've created 17 in the past 10 years and they love to show me their collections - it's really cute. My taste in perfume has become more sophisticated with age: my latest, With Love, contains green apple, kiwi, jasmine and fresh orchid."

Make-up wise she is more loyal, with Paris explaining there are a few products she really can't live without.

"I like trying new looks, but there are products I rely on," she said. "I use MAC eyeshadows, Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder and NARS bronzers. The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation really does go on like silk, while Chanel's concealer is my favourite."

Another of her must-haves is sunscreen, as Paris isn't one to lie around trying to get a tan. When she was younger her friends would bake in the sun as they attempted to go brown, but the star's mother was always clear about how bad that was for the skin. Looking back, the star is pleased she followed her advice and she still rarely leaves the house without SPF50 in place.

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