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Paris Hilton: I get wardrobe anxiety

Paris Hilton gets overwhelmed by the amount of clothes in her wardrobe.

The 33-year-old heiress' style has developed and changed over the years, but she still often opts for a pink shade while out and about. She may have dozens of outfits to choose from in her wardrobe, but it seems the more options she has the more stressed Paris gets about which to pick.

"It gives me a panic attack sometimes," she admitted to Picking out a turquoise bejewelled mini sheath dress, she added: "This is a custom piece I had made in India. I love it because it just blings. I think I might use it in my music video."

Paris was referring to the new promo for her latest song Come Alive, which marks her return to the music industry. Alongside this career, the blonde star also has a string of perfumes to her name among other ventures. It seems her scents are the most popular with fans.

"We've done over $1.8 billion in sales [on my fragrances]. I have 16 other product lines [including] clothing, sunglasses, shoes, lingerie, swimwear, eyelashes, nails, my own motorcycle team, dog clothes..." she added. "I have 60 Paris Hilton stores that carry all my products."

She has an "amazing team" helping her achieve her dreams, one being manager Jamie Freed. The pair work closely together to bring Paris' suggestions to life.

"I am the CEO and the creative director. I come up with ideas and I always make the final decision. I like to get people's opinions but I'm the boss," Paris mused.

Jamie, who was working on the video for the star's 17th fragrance during the time the interview was conducted, explained: "I figure out how to mould and translate Paris's ideas - for example, she gives me notes on wardrobe and accessories and I keep redesigning until we have it."

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