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Paris Hilton: I work at fragrance

Paris Hilton thinks the sheer amount of effort that goes into her fragrances makes them so popular. 

The hotel heiress is a DJ and businesswoman, putting her name to fragrances, bags and shoes. Her scents always go down extremely well with fans, and the blonde star thinks she knows why.

"I put so much effort into making sure they're the most beautiful-smelling scents, always different but always in a gorgeous bottle," she explained to British magazine Hello!

Paris launched her first perfume in 2004 and it was an immediate best-seller. The 34-year-old looks back on those days with fondness but thinks she has developed her brand.

"Back then I was just a kid living a fun life, now I'm an adult. The most valuable lesson I've learnt is not be so trusting of people," she said.

There has always been great focus on Paris' looks and speculation she's undergone surgery. However, she's not been under the knife and insists it will never be for her.

"I've never had anything done in my life," she revealed.

"My friends all get Botox and all that stuff, but I'm scared of needles and surgery. I've always been comfortable with the way I look."

With her handbag and bag line, it might seem Paris' most extravagant purchase would be a designer goodie. However, the star insists she's a tomboy and splashes the most cash on cars, owning six she regularly drives.

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