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Paris: My new perfume is classier

Paris Hilton's latest perfume, With Love, Paris Hilton, is dedicated to her fans.

The 33-year-old star has added a new scent to follow her 16 already-successful offerings. While With Love, Paris Hilton may be another fragrance with a fruity finish, the blonde beauty insists this one stands out from the rest.

“With Love, Paris Hilton is a lot more sophisticated compared to my other fragrances, but still very sexy and fun!” she told People. “It’s also very special, as I’m dedicating it to my loyal fans, who have been amazing to me over the years.”

Notes including orchid and jasmine with a mix of kiwi and apple all add towards the fresh smell. For this perfume, Paris found inspiration in various locations around the globe.

“I travel a lot for work and find myself coming up with new ideas and inspirations wherever I go - and sharing these ideas with my team,” she added. “I really enjoy the creative process of developing new fragrances.”

Paris also made sure to point out that With Love, Paris Hilton is for women who want to feel "sexy, confident and feminine".

She recently spoke about how Hollywood siren Dame Elizabeth Taylor has played a big part in her beauty ventures. The late star, who passed away in 2011, also had a line of perfumes and Paris admires her work ethic.

"I grew up with her [Elizabeth]. She married my grandfather’s brother, so she was my great aunt. I don’t know how many fragrances she had, but a lot. I always looked up to businesswomen like that, who build their own brands. Oprah as well is another one I’ve always admired. And I don’t know anyone else who’s been doing celebrity fragrances as long as me, other than Elizabeth Taylor," Paris told WWD.

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