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Patricia Arquette: Why care about weight?

Patricia Arquette wasn't raised to think someone's beauty and weight are important to who they are.

The blonde actress has been a Hollywood star since the late 80s, but her turn in last year's Boyhood launched her career to new heights.

She scooped the best supporting actress Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globe and SAG for her turn as Mom in the coming of age drama, which was filmed over 12 consecutive years.

As well as wowing in the film, the 46-year-old also stunned on the red carpet in a series of designer gowns. However, beauty isn't of much importance to Patricia.

"My mom wouldn't let us have Barbies. She never wore make-up, my mom and dad never talked about beauty, weight or body image or anything like that. They really raised me in a household that minimised its importance," Patricia told People magazine.

Despite her reluctance to worry about her looks, the actress is lauded as a beauty icon. Many have credited her for ageing gracefully throughout Boyhood and she's spoken out about how it was never on her agenda to stay frozen in time with her looks.

It comes as no surprise that Patricia has never been bothered about looking perfect.

"When I was a teenager, someone told me, 'If you fix your teeth, you could be in Playboy.’ I said, 'Why would I want to be in Playboy?' I didn't want to look 'perfect'. I didn't want to have to be some girl in a magazine. I didn't want to have to change myself to be attractive," she sighed.

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