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Patrick Dempsey is moisturiser fan

Patrick Dempsey says the only beauty product he relies on is "moisturiser".

The actor is regularly admired for his hunky looks, but says he is very low maintenance when it comes to his grooming regime.

Patrick likes to use simple, non-fussy products.

"The big thing for me is moisturiser. Protecting yourself from the sun if you're out and about if key," he revealed in an interview with the January edition of GQ magazine.

"I would say L'Oreal and not just because I work with them, but because their stuff is very good and certainly very easy. I want something that's going to keep me looking good and easy to put on."

Patrick says people can look good on a budget. The star credits outdoor exercise for his impressive physique.

"I think it's just a question of exercising daily, I think that's really important. Get out in the fresh air, go for a run," he advised.

"It's always good to look healthy and that's what you really want. I don't think you have to rely on any products except moisturiser. It's always good for your face to prevent ageing and dehydration as it really protects you from the sun."

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