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Patrick Wilson: Baby cream is must-have

Patrick Wilson has revealed cream made for babies is the secret to his smooth skin.

The actor shared his must-have product for staying fresh-faced which may come as a surprise to some.

Instead of relying on expensive luxury products, the 38-year-old star relies on simple Calendula cream created for sensitive baby skin.

"The biggest help is a cream by California Baby," Patrick told American publication T Magazine. "Their Calendula cream is my must-have product. It's made for babies so it's gentle, soothing and provides just enough moisture."

Patrick also revealed how he keeps in shape.

The A-Team star revealed that his favourite way to stay fit and healthy is running - because it is good for body and soul. He even admitted to keeping exercise equipment in his dressing room to squeeze in a workout here and there.

"I am an avid runner," he said.

"I have a treadmill and a pull-up bar in my dressing room. I think drinking a lot of water and sweating it out while running helps get rid of all the toxins. It helps my skin, body and spirit, too."

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