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Patti Hansen: I dress like my daughters

Patti Hansen has revealed that she borrows her daughters' clothes.

The former model is famed for her appearances on the covers of US Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. In 1983 she married Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards and they later became parents to Theodora and Alexandra.

Now both girls are models in their twenties and Patti admits that she often looks in their closets for fashion inspiration.

"They are wearing the new designers and they're out there in the fashion," Patti explained to Style List. "I get to see it on them and go 'oh, alright, that's cool.' it's switching, I'm borrowing their stuff now."

Patti recently launched handbag line, Hung On U in Barneys in New York. The American star implored all her famous friends to help with her handbag collection. A variety of famous faces contributed to her line including rocker Gavin Rossdale, actress Debra Messing and designer Christian Louboutin.

Keith, Theodora and Alexandra also contributed their own creations.

The 55-year-old believes that, although she has learnt a lot from her daughters, she and Keith have both been a huge influence on the girls and their style.

"Don't most children grow up in the same look as their parents?" Patti insisted. "I think between Keith and I they both have a very elegant, but grunge style."

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