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Paul Bettany: Buy cheap, buy twice with cashmere

Paul Bettany feels like Woody Allen thanks to his penchant for glasses.

Paul Bettany reasons you get what you pay for with cashmere, therefore it's worth spending the money.

The British actor often channels a casual style when out and about, adding accessories like scarves and coloured glasses to his outfits. His chic look doesn't come cheaply though, and he tends to favour designer garments.

"This is a Tom Ford cashmere sweater with kind of a sweatshirt shape to it," he told Details of one of his favourite looks. "The terrible truth about cashmere is that you get what you pay for. I have cheap cashmere sweaters that are done in a year. The really good ones last.

"This John Varvatos blazer is brilliant for travel because it can get all crumpled and you don't have to worry about it. It's actually got, like, a wire through (the lapel and cuffs) to hold a crumpled shape. I wear the sh*t out of it."

Paul married his wife Jennifer Connelly in 2003 and together they have children Kai, Agnes and Stellan together. They met on the set of four-time Oscar-winning movie A Beautiful Mind (one of which went to Jennifer), and recently worked together once more on Paul's directorial debut Shelter.

The pair make for a stylish couple on the red carpet, with Jennifer always knowing what to buy Paul when it comes to accessories.

"I had a 1930s Patek Philippe Calatrava (watch) that kept breaking," he said. "On my 40th birthday, my wife bought me this new one. There's nothing flash about it. It's simple; you can wear it with anything. It's my real piece of luxury.

Glasses are another vital item for the 44-year-old. "I get all my glasses from Silver Lining in SoHo (New York)," he revealed. "These were sunglasses, and I knocked the lenses out and had them create the colour. There's a slight (yellowish) tint, and they go dark (in the sun). I'm becoming known for them, like Woody Allen or something."

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