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Payne: Don't try to change me

Liam Payne wouldn't alter his appearance for a girlfriend, but Niall Horan is happy to be told what to wear.

The One Direction heartthrob admits he sometimes lets his girlfriend Sophia Smith pick outfits, but overall doesn't want her influencing his image.

Liam, along with bandmate Niall Horan, chatted with the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine about style and fashion, with both having different opinions when it comes to dressing to impress.

"No. If she doesn't take you for who you are then there's no point," Liam said when asked if he'd change his appearance for a lady.

"I'd wear something particular if she asked me to," Niall disagreed.

"Sometimes I get Soph to do a bit of shopping for me, like, 'If you want to see me in anything...' So then she goes off to the lingerie section!" Liam added.

"And when I decided to shave off my hair she was fine. And then I decided to go to a party dressed as Johnny Depp and was told to grow it again. So now it looks like we're going to go through a 'Jesus' stage."

As well as having a relaxed approach to his own wardrobe, Irish charmer Niall also doesn't really mind what clothes the fairer sex don.

The boys are constantly surrounded by screaming fans, but Niall barely takes notice of the trends they're wearing.

"Girls seem to like kind of a rock-chicky looks: shorts and boots and... stuff. Quite laid-back. But all dressed up is nice too. A bit of both maybe, I don't really mind.

"I'm not the kind of person who pays attention to women's fashion!" he quickly added after Liam poked fun at him.

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