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Penelope Ann Miller: My boobs changed

American Crime actress Penelope Ann Miller, 51, has spoken about why she’s resisted having plastic surgery.

The 51-year-old American Crime actress shares daughters Eloisa, 14, and Maria, six, with her husband James Huggins.

And looking back over how her body has altered in the past few decades, Penelope is happy with the way her bosom turned out.

“I used to be known for having really good boobs,” she told People magazine. “Then I became a mom and they changed a little bit.”

Unlike most of her show business peers, Penelope hasn’t undergone any plastic surgery procedures.

The Artist star is convinced her visage might become unrecognisable if she went under the knife.

“Women in Hollywood get a lot of work done and sometimes they stop looking like themselves and lose all character in their faces,” she noted.

Penelope says she has embraced being “a woman of a certain age”.

But the stunning blonde does ensure she maintains a regular workout regimen in order to maximise her vigour.

“I exercise with a trainer three days a week. I go hiking and try and eat healthy. But that just helps me as a person. I’m doing that for myself,” she explained.

Penelope is hoping good health habits rub off on her children.

And from the looks of it, her wish seems to be coming true.

“The other day, I saw Maria trying to mimic me doing push-ups with my trainer,” Penelope said. “I think it’s great that she sees her mom doing something healthy and good for herself.”

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