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Penélope Cruz: I've finally mastered make-up

Penélope Cruz has only just learned how to apply eye make-up.

The 40-year-old actress has people to apply her cosmetics when she is starring in films or attending glitzy events, but in everyday life that isn't the case. As her mother ran a beauty salon when she was growing up you'd think she'd be a dab hand with the mascara, but she reveals that couldn't be further from the truth.

"I finally learnt how to do my own eyes," she admitted to British magazine Hello! "It isn't easy - eye make-up really can seem the most complicated to achieve."

Although she found it hard, Penélope was determined to get to grips with eye make-up. That's because she thinks peepers are the most important part of someone's face.

"The eyes never lie. They truly are the door to someone's soul," she said. "In some people, like in children, you can read who they are, how they feel, just by looking at their eyes. It is now easy for me to hide my emotions but I don't try to fight that. The older I am, the less interested I am in pretending to be something I'm not and the more comfortable I get with showing exactly who I am."

Although she hasn't mastered everything about cosmetics, the star has some rules she tries to live by. On the red carpet she enjoys either going for a bold lip or eye look, citing that as her go to. Going to those kind of events is fun for the star, although she takes it all with a pinch of salt.

"Everyone wants to play that character once in a while. We all do. Make-up is what it is but it can have an effect on how you feel, the same as a new haircut or dress can," she said.

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