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Penélope praises Armani

Penélope Cruz loved working with her close friends Giorgio Armani and his niece Roberta for The Counselor costumes.

The Spanish actress plays the girlfriend of a politician in Ridley Scott's latest movie The Counselor. To create the outfits for the film Ridley collaborated with Italian designer Giorgio Armani and British costume maker Janty Yates, giving each character an individual style.

Penélope thoroughly enjoyed working with Giorgio and was in awe of the pieces made especially for the feature.

"Armani [working] with us was such an amazing privilege because I really love Giorgio and [his niece] Roberta and I've known them for so long... they are so sweet and generous and I admire them very much," she gushed to VogueTV. "It was great to have every single piece for Laura made from them."

She found having the perfect ensemble helped her understand her onscreen alter ego better. One area which she often pays attention to while shooting is footwear.

"[The costume] helped me a lot because it was so important to have enough time in the costume department and with the director to decide together what is the look of that character," she explained. "Because it's never just about the look it's like, 'OK why does she wear those shoes?' For example for me if I have the wrong shoes for the character it can really stop me from getting to wherever place I have to get, you know emotionally."

Penélope's co-star Michael Fassbender, who plays the titular counsellor, was also happy working with the label for his character. He made sure there were regular meetings between cast and designers to ensure everything was perfect.

"The clothes that the character wears are always a help for me because it'll always start with the physicality of the character and then how the character wants to appear was very important in this film... for I thought projecting images of The Counselor," he recalled. "So he wants to be seen as affluent and well-dressed and he drives around in a fancy car. Appearance is very important to him and so in that respect it was important for me to get the look right so me so Janty Yates and I had quite a few discussions about it."

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