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Penny Lancaster-Stewart: Weight loss is aging

Penny Lancaster-Stewart looks "aged" if she loses too much weight.

The model welcomed her second child with singer Rod Stewart, last year.

Although she gained weight while she was pregnant, the 40-year-old decided not to lose all of it after she had given birth.

"I didn't want to lose any more because I'd been way too skinny for my height and build before I got pregnant," she explained in an interview with the British edition of Hello! magazine. "As you get older, if you're too skinny, it can be ageing."

Penny believes it is important to keep trim and healthy.

However, she thinks it is unrealistic to strive to be a small size especially when you are a working mom.

"I do think I have a certain responsibility to take pride in myself and encourage fitness, not skinniness, for all the mothers out there," she declared. "Rod was happy with my fuller figure although he also likes me to be slender. He knows I like to be fit and healthy and he was very supportive when I resumed me exercise programme. He keeps telling me how great I look."

The star also revealed that she relies on her wardrobe to help her look slimmer. She prefers to wear loose clothing to show off her stunning 6ft 1in figure.

"When I was carrying more weight I made a point of not trying to squeeze into something that was a bit tight for me because it would only draw attention to the extra pounds," she confessed. "So I'd wear something loose or buy something in a larger size. I've never been someone who fixates on a size 10. If you do, the danger is you can look like a porky pig."

However, Penny admitted Rod isn't as particular about her clothing. He just loves to look at her extraordinarily long legs.

"What does Rod like me to wear? Anything... as long it's short," she laughed.

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