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Perry eyes her assets

Katy Perry is most confident about her eyes, so draws attention to them.

The stunning starlet is known for her shock of dark hair and bright blue peepers.

Katy knows they're one of her biggest assets, so makes sure everyone notices them.

"My eyes are probably my favourite feature, so I play them up," she confessed to the latest edition of UK Cosmopolitan.

"I tend to pay lots of attention to my lashes and brows - waxing and dyeing, lash extensions, falsies... I'm good at doing my own false lashes; the secret is to apply them with tweezers."

Katy has shown off a range of hair colours to go with her impressive outfits on the stage and red carpet.

The singer revealed why dyeing her locks appeals to her.

"I change my hair to keep me entertained!" she laughed.

"When you get bored, you experiment with beauty - that's what girls do! I'm very English like that. Out of all my hair looks, I loved the deep purple the most. I had a bit of an ombré going on that I've incorporated in the Killer Queen [Katy's perfume] bottle."

Killer Queen is the star's third fragrance and she describes it as showing her "strong and confident" side.

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