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Perry: My bras are crazy

Katy Perry laughs when she thinks of some of the crazy outfits she has worn.

The singer is proud of her body and works hard to stay in shape. It means she is confident wearing tight or skimpy pieces for the sake of fashion – some of which she has designed herself.

“I’ve done crazy things in the name of fashion and beauty! I’ve put all kinds of stuff on bras and then worn them out,” she told Company magazine. “And with my hair, I’ve done pretty much every colour out there. You have to be careful though – if you go from raven black straight to pink, your hair’s gonna fall out. It’s not a quick fix; it’s a four-month process. That’s why you see me sometimes with blonde or gingery hair.”

The 28-year-old star is a huge beauty fan and is always on the hunt for the latest products. She believes in decorating her body too and is proud to have permanently marked herself with tattoos. Each is specific to a certain period in her life.

“I have five tattoos and all of them have meaning to me. The strawberry signifies the first evolution of my career – I was fruity! Then I have a peppermint, because everything became more candy-based. I’ll probably have a strip of bacon inked onto me somewhere at some point,” she said.

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