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Perry slams smelly hair

Katy Perry advises ladies who don’t want to wash their hair much to invest in a good dry shampoo.

The American singer is renowned for changing the colour of her tresses, although she has settled on black at the moment. She knows many women shy away from washing their hair too much in case it loses its style or the colour fades, but insists it’s not always a good thing.

“If you’re only going to wash your hair once a week there’s one thing to remember… hair smells and your oils are fragrant… I understand that people don’t want to wash their hair as much when they’ve had a professional blow-dry, but use a dry shampoo that smells good!” she told Company magazine. “I use an Oribe one because the scent is amazing.”

Katy is a self-confessed beauty junkie and enjoys swapping tips and tricks with her friends and family. She inherited that from her mother, Mary, who is always probing her for the product latest.

“I trade beauty secrets with my mom, like, all the time. Actually, we don’t trade them – she just uses all of my secrets!” she giggled. “Look, she sent me a text to say, ‘I’m on my way to get my eyelash extensions done.’ Want to know why? It’s because she’s stolen my lash girl! We’re always in pursuit of the best creams and powders and all the things to apply to lessen the blow of ageing.”

The 28-year-old singer advises women to think about their best assets and how to play them up. For her it’s her eyes, which she draws attention to at any given moment.

“I always try and highlight my eyes and eyebrows – they’re my favourite bits of myself. I like to wear false eyelashes, but there’s also these ointments that help your lashes to grow. And I take probiotics 'cause I think they help boost nails and hair. I dye my brows, pluck them, wax them – anything to haul them into shape!” she said.

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