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Perry sparkles for Christmas

Katy Perry sparkles for her festive photoshoot in Glamour magazine's December issue.

The 29-year-old singer beams at the camera for the December issue of the British publication in a series of shots taken by photographer Simon Emmett.

One picture sees the raven-haired star wearing a white feather dress with her locks pulled into a high bun with a bobble hairpiece. Looking straight into the lens of the camera she holds a piece of red ribbon in each hand, which spells 'Katy' above her head on the wall.

In a second picture, Katy continues to sparkle in a black jumper embellished with different coloured sequins and jewels. Sat on the floor she stretches out her legs, in dotted tights, to show off her fluffy back heels and finishes off the look with a dazzling hair accessory.

Lastly there is the cover photo where she is leaning forward in a tartan dress with a lace trim. Continuing the extravagant accessories Katy sports a white feather hairpiece, giving a classic feel to the overall look.

The porcelain-skinned musician recently spoke about how she keeps her hair in good condition. Despite having dyed it various colours in the past, from candy floss pink to bright blue, Katy's hair still remains shiny and thick.

"If you're only going to wash your hair once a week there's one thing to remember... hair smells and your oils are fragrant. I understand that people don't want to wash their hair as much when they've had a professional blow-dry, but use a dry shampoo that smells good!" she explained to Company magazine. "I use an Oribe one because the scent is amazing."

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