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Perry's gritty beauty tips

Katy Perry often turns to fellow female stars for “nitty-gritty” beauty tips.

The American singer is known for her bold looks and experimenting with different appearances.

While she appears to be confident with her facade, Katy confessed she often turns to other female stars for some top tips.

There’s one particular celebrity who the 28-year-old singer is in awe of.

“I’m not afraid to ask beautiful women those annoying nitty-gritty questions: ‘Who’s your dermatologist? Is that a powder or cream blush?’” she told British magazine Look. “I got to hang out with Kate Hudson the other day – her skin is amazing. I can’t give away all her secrets but those exercise endorphins definitely help.”

Earlier this year Katy cut out alcohol for three months in order to “re-programme” herself. It was this process which helped her lose weight and enhance her features.

“It worked wonders – I felt less anxious and dropped 5lbs.!” she gushed. “My hair was stronger, my nails were stronger. It really is all about what you put in your body. Also, your gut affects your psychological state and your energy levels.”

Katy has now permanently reduced her intake of alcohol. She sticks to a healthier lifestyle and has found it is better for her when she takes to the stage.

“I probably drink about 20% of the alcohol I used to. And when I’m working I don’t drink at all – I know it doesn’t do anything for my performances,” she admitted. “Plus, I just don’t have the luxury of being able to cope with a hangover. I remember them, they’re not great! I still tote around my little sacks of vitamins and obsess over acupuncture.”

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