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Perry's post show oil ritual

Katy Perry needs to cleanse after every show because there's "a lot of sweat".

The 29-year-old star is known for her stunning looks and always seems to have a clear complexion. She takes good care of her skin, but only recently realised that oil was a good way to add moisture and nutrients.

"I thought for a long time that putting oil on your skin was an absolute no-no, but then I discovered Shu Uemura's cleansing oil," she revealed to the latest edition of British InStyle magazine.

"After a show, there's a lot of sweat, and there's make-up running everywhere, and this takes off every trace."

Along with her singing career, Katy has a popular range of fragrances, her latest being Killer Queen's Royal Revolution. The star revealed what fans can expect from the new scent.

"I worked on Killer Queen's Royal Revolution fragrance for a year, trying lots of different samples along the way - the blackthorn note adds a mysterious side, and the bottle feels like you're holding a precious jewel in your hands," she said.

Katy let fans in on some of the secrets to looking so good. She always makes time for sleep and wears a special wristband that gives her information on how many hours she's had an how deep her slumber was.

She's also open to experimenting with new looks.

"Me and my dancers love playing around with make-up and nails," she smiled. "Going over to casually stay at someone's house is not possible unless they have the same, like, 52 products as me!"

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