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Pete Wentz praises eyebrow genes

Pete Wentz is blown away by the way his six-year-old son Bronx favours him.

The 36-year-old Fall Out Boy rocker used to sport ‘guyliner’ often back in the day to accentuate his peepers.

And although his 12-month-old son with girlfriend Meagan Camper isn’t wearing makeup yet, the little boy has already adopted one of his father’s signature looks.

“He gives me the same eyebrows that I give him when I’m like, ‘Are you serious?’ ” Pete told People magazine. “There is nothing like getting that from a one-year-old. I’m like, ‘That’s my look that you’re giving me!’”

Pete thinks it’s hilarious some people consider him a ‘guyliner’ master.

The star claims he has no idea how to apply eyeliner in real life and just kind of smashed it on his face.

“I'm not that good at doing it! I feel bad,” he told the American edition of Elle magazine.

“I'll tell you how I did it, too. I actually didn't use eyeliner. I used eye shadow and I would apply it with my fingers. Sometimes I would put liner on my inner eye [waterline].”

Pete loves to adorn his skin with various colours.

He is a tattoo enthusiast largely because each inking captures a special moment in his life.

“There’s lots of tattoos that I really like. For me, they’re snapshots of moments that I’m able to remember forever. You’re able to create these artistic moments that last – whether it’s friendship or a time in your life, or something that’s happened,” he explained to British magazine Kerrang!.

“It’s a way to express the art and ideas you’re into. Half of a tattoo is the story that goes with the tattoo. Not everybody sees it like that, but I love hearing people’s stories.”

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