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Pete Wentz’s ‘artistic tattoos’

Pete Wentz looks at tattoos as “snapshots of moments” from life.

The 34-year-old rocker loves getting inked and has several distinct designs on him, such as The Nightmare Before Christmas character Jack Skellington on his right arm.

One of the reasons Pete is so covered is because he wants to capture great times in his life through his tattoos.

“There’s lots of tattoos that I really like. For me, they’re snapshots of moments that I’m able to remember forever. You’re able to create these artistic moments that last – whether it’s friendship or a time in your life, or something that’s happened,” he explained to British magazine Kerrang!.

“It’s a way to express the art and ideas you’re into. Half of a tattoo is the story that goes with the tattoo. Not everybody sees it like that, but I love hearing people’s stories.”

Pete believes going under the needle and having your skin decorated has become more popular over the years. He even compares the notion to music trends.

“Tattoos are culture. Much like when hip-hop or heavy metal first happened, it’s a culture that has never really lent itself to the mainstream,” he added.

“I think tattoos are more mainstream than ever now, but the culture has never had to change. It was never like, ‘Okay, we’ll only do rainbow tattoos’ – it’s just gotten under the skin of the world.”

While he loves tattoos, the Fall Out Boy bassist has advised the younger generation to think twice before being permanently etched on. He also shared the first time he underwent a session.

“I got my first tattoo when I was 15 or 16. I definitely wouldn’t recommend doing that – I’m firmly against it,” he recommended.

“I think that you should wait until you’re really able to understand that the tattoo is gonna be on you forever.”

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