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Pfeiffer won’t obsess over face

Michelle Pfeiffer wouldn't rule out cosmetic surgery.

At 55, the blonde actress is still considered one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood.

While ageing can be stressful for people in the industry, Michelle doesn't let her changing looks get her down.

"I do acknowledge ageing, but I don't count my wrinkles," she explained to German magazine MEINS.

"I wouldn't rule out cosmetic surgery, but at the end of the day, how good you look is all about confidence."

The Hairspray star continues to stun with her slim figure on the red carpet.

Michelle revealed how she manages to keep herself trim.

"I do a bit of weight training and I also keep an eye on what I eat," she said.

"If I look after myself well, then I feel happy and at peace with myself."

In a recent interview with British newspaper The Telegraph, the hardworking star admitted she feels a little close to 60.

She addressed the way beauty has a direct correlation to her job.

“The loss of youth, the loss of beauty – it definitely plays havoc with your psyche,” she confessed. “There’s this transition from, 'Wow, she looks really young for her age,’ to, 'She looks great for her age.’ And there’s a big difference. I’m now at, 'She looks great for her age.'

“There is certainly a mourning process to that. But, you know, it’s kind of liberating. I don’t need to look younger than I am, because it ain’t gonna change anything.”

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