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Pharrell creates shades

Pharrell Williams has teamed up with Moncler for a line of sunglasses.

The musician has teamed up with Moncler to release a collection of Lunettes shades after having designed a line of men's jackets with the brand in 2009.

Arriving in a plaid shirt and jeans, WWD reports Pharrell's press conference began 45 minutes late and was over in less than 15 minutes at Moncler's store on Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré this week.

Speaking to the crowd gathered the singer revealed the sunglasses are made from one piece of titanium alone. He also gave tips on how not to wear the shades.

"I think functionality is the coolest thing ever. You know, like when you're in England and like, you know, the person has on, like, Wellies and it's raining outside, it's so cool," he shared. "The colour's cool, but what's cooler than that is the fact that they're dressing accordingly. Probably what I'm doing, wearing them on the inside - that would be number one. I feel like when people wear sunglasses and there's no sun, it's kind of ridiculous - like myself."

Pharrell previously launched an eyewear line with Louis Vuitton and Japanese designer Nigo in 2005.

The 40-year-old star is on a roll with his fashion range at the moment. It was only earlier this week he confirmed he is creating a SpongeBob Squarepants clothing line for site Karmaloop.

He spoke about how happy he is to have teamed up with kids channel Nickelodeon and his own brand Ice Cream to create a collection based around his favourite cartoon character.

"I've been a SpongeBob fan for many years and it's an honour to collaborate with Nickelodeon to create SpongeBob X ICECREAM. SpongeBob promotes happiness and optimism and I wanted this line to represent that," Pharrell said in a statement.

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